Neighborhood Kids

Neighborhood Kids is all about your children.
Kids grade K - 5th. Join us this Sunday.

Women's Retreat: "Reflection"

Speaker: Rhonda Hinshaw
Where: Quaker Ridge Camp
When: September 16-18, 2016

Rhonda Hinshaw is passionate about encouraging women. She will be leading us as we Reflect about our life, christ and fellowship.


Every Sunday at 9:15. Everyone is welcome.

Light of the World

I think it’s easy to believe that Jesus is the Light of the world, but often forget that Jesus calls us to be the light of the world too. In the fifth chapter of Matthew, Jesus tells a large crowd on a mountainside who they are. The people he is talking to are poor, mourning, week, hungry, thirsty, and simply needing a good dose of mercy and peace. This group of people have been persecuted, pressed, stressed, and beaten both physically and emotionally by an oppressive Roman rule. All they need is a leader; all they need is a light to stream into their darkness; and all they need is someone who will rescue them and bring them a new sense of joy.

Youth Ministries

Students! Bring a friend and join us for Youth Group from 6:30 - 8:30 at Neighborhood Friends. See you then!
  • The World through Education

saraguruleOne of our own, Sara Gurule is now living her dream of teaching in the world. She is a teacher in Chiang Mai, Thailand at Grace International School.

Many of you are probably wondering..."Why Thailand?"  especially since I've only traveled to Spanish speaking countries and have basically only ever talked about my love for South America and it's people and thought to myself "Why would I want to go anywhere else?"  Well, it is a good question and honestly I am still thinking that too, but currently all I know is that the Lord has placed in me a desire to use my teaching skills and desire to learn new cultures and languages for an unknown, greater purpose.  He has called me in this time to go and I will follow even when listening requires sacrifices and becoming uncomfortable.

See her writings about her adventure's in Thailand.

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